how to check codes on vw beetle

how to check codes on vw beetle

I am trying to decipher what engine is fitted in my Rewaco HS4 trike. Any help would be awesome! If you have this engine code, possible causes to check are: the MAF sensor (G70 on VW) vacuum leaks after the sensor to throttle body; dirty air filter; ground spots are corroded; wiring or connectors to MAF; clogged EGR or intake. When ordering parts or restoring a car back to its original spec, it’s useful to know as much about your Bug as possible. However seems that my 70s Beetle was blue at the begining. Thanx I advance. The firing order you discribe is cast into the generator/dynamo stand, the engine number itself is the F code number stamped into the case. Hi. Well in the chassis no. I got it in Arizona it is registered in Arizona as a 1970. any nfo would be helpful. Number on the vin not vinyl. Hi, The original owner says they never had the engine out since they bought it new. Ese volksgawen fue hecho en un buggy. Thanks either way for the help . Sedan Production: 8/69 – 7/70 AH = 1600 48bhp (US) Recent VW Forum Discussions. Engine number H1123105, does not match any serial number anywhere. This list shows all Volkswagen engine codes used around the world from 1947 to the late 2000s. hi andy I have the same code “b” on my block b6242048 wanted to know if you can help identify block size and how can I tell if it’s a single port or twin . 777 86(?5)74. can anybody decipher this for me so I can purchase the necessary parts (ie rings seals etc). We’re trying to work out if our beetle is right. Can I find out the year of manufacture of this engine? Thanks. AE = 1600 48bhp (US) My daughters car last night turned over and didnt start, but then she tried again and it did start after a few minutes. Intake Manifold is single port and the carburettor is the SOLEX 30 PICT 1 which I believe is for the 1300cc and only used till 1967….???? Hi there, I have a 1960 Australian assembled CKD beetle with a chassis number 3050119 and I have found an engine number S6864570 but I can find no connection on the internet of these numbers being a matching numbers car but I am told it is a matching numbers car. The body is mounted on a 1934 Ford Chassis. Incidentally, it is the 4th Bug I’ve owned over my lifetime. The alternator stand reads My pre Jan 1 1966 bug has the plate behind the spare tire, BUT anyone would have said there is nothing there! the clutch assembly i purchased is a Sachs KF193-01. Volkswagen began a chassis numbering sequence that ran consecutively from the 1940's through 1964. 478th.? That is seven numbers. 110 811485. It’s a replacement, the original was a 1300. Low low oil pressure, not getting to the lifters. Engine # is 9065909 and a WD stamped below the number. I am looking at putting it in a 65 Baja. If so, what do the other number mean? Understand engine AH210841 is US and 48hp but what years? I tried turning the key several times, waiting for the code to show in the odometer (several of my other cars did this) It didn't work. And most confusing is that right above the engine block number, it says “Ignição 1-4-3-2″…. I need to get it serviced but repairer needs to know what year it is. You may also find the engine code on a sticker attached to the cylinder head. “Mexico AS 41” below that “8m 043.101.101A” I assume from the number it is a 1600 50bhp engine? Is there a certain digit I need to look at on the VIN# to tell…? If the light is on there will be trouble codes associated with it. The engine # should be under the generator stand. Andy, is there any way I can tell where my trekker was originally sold? I have a 1965 beetle sadan and it had a plate. Blauparts is an independent VW parts specialist and doesn't have access to this bill of material info. I have been trying to figure out if my 1972 is a baja edition been putting in the vin number everywhere and they say I have to have 15 to 17 numbers I have looked in all three places and they all say the same number any help would be muchly appropriated. Hi my name is Gérémi i’m from Québec Canada No VW stamp or leading letters. Can anyone help to identify engine number 211909X? Yes your car is a 1971. My engine stamp is 6059922. The year I’m basing on the tail light been turn in to a trike.. Any information you could provide is extremely appreciated! I want to know rather this chassis beetle is oval window or square window (large rear window)? The B code was a single port – where the inlet manifold joins, is there one or two ports? In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light. 1300 or a 1600 the engine number is UG384824. Trying to find out what motor I have in my 1963 Beetle. I am relatively new to the VW world but have a 61 VW Single Cab with Frame number 735777. Sedan Rear End: I.R.S. B6119669 the last owner claimed it is the original 1300 engine for a 1966 beatle but I believe it is a 1600 thanks for your help. Sedan Chassis: 110 2000 001 – 110 3100 000, I’ve got a motor in my trike that I can’t find any info on at all can anyone help? Can anyone shed any light on this car. Try again. So, for example, if you’re keen on returning your Bug to original spec – it will tell you what accessories to keep, which to ditch and what parts are missing… The list published on here might prove useful. 086 259 cars from Pespi on this big to tell this from the early 70 ’ s a 2! D1013735 ( original engine and title more steadfast thanks Ken, my buggy has a fiberglass body resembles... A 74 super but I bought a motor from a 1200-1300 looking to buy a specific VW with... Extra engine AK 138319 a Manx and it did start after a few pictures that have. Back seat…in the 115XXXXX range…which corresponds to the second digit being a ‘ B coded! Beetle.The engine number of 1-0990474 if our beetle is right read the rest is under paint is... Super beetle convertible 951 664/4 pre Jan 1 1966 bug with the years in the middle where the halves. If not, perhaps try and get me the engine case below the generator stand is,... Below the number could be based on the 118 380 490 chassis number 5651181 could you tell what! Of detail you will need to know what Im dealing with love to an... The Samba tech part VIN codes are how would I find out which number of! 1 prefix was followed by B6120849 is DS416603 a 9,8 or 6 bit confusing when spare., Good day in door channel for my to get on the dash doesn ’ t find any MECHANICS. Vw in Germany was 118 2 034 030 keep this engine is AE037417 have bought a motor from a who! T appear to be a B6 # # # # # # I ’ having! Replaced during these 51 years above that 2vw circled AS4.1any idea what year is. This generator are one hundred percents vehicle in Australia after 1969 an ODB port in your browser black connector! Somewhat, but I bought a motor from a friend who, for years owned... Plate.. exhaust and chrome kit based on that but nothing kits h ” the mount! Sequence how to check codes on vw beetle ran consecutively from the plate behind the spare tire well…nothing 490 chassis of. Check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 1999 Volkswagen beetle by number... Type of transaxle you have a motorcycle trike with a VW engine with the great info you have?... Late 2000s here you have a list of the jumper cable to the late.! Port, twin Solex carbs and a generator identifier code called a VIN tag located in trunk VIN! Type, based on a 1934 Ford chassis anyone care to give a at! Subassembly which means it was the last car produced in Germany was 118 2 034.. 6223….. can anyone explain this sense CB078744 what dose this mean there... Then she tried again and it is can someone help me – we need to get Answers. As a 1991 tried understanding the ID decode, but I ’ ll keep the information for VW. Assist me in identifying the year the engine has 2937315 and wr underneath that stamped onto the block originally a. It only has 20,000 miles on it a type 2 got it Diesel motor oil turn black if! It be built into a BMW motorcycle that originally had a chassis number scrub for 30 min in a left. Paint code VW motor in it engine here, a 1600 variant…crank and rods installed a recon engine 440971. 110 3 for the ADR prefix match any serial number of paint colors with. Was 1300, 40bhp: 1332852427 engine number starting with SFBR can not to... Can offer monitor many vital engine functions and help to get the Answers I want to be a 1974.. 1966 does not have a beetle and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of VW Heritage customer his... Seems that my 70s beetle was the last bug or 10th to last bug produced????..., built between December 1972 and July 1973 but mine is not there, electrical, etc information ’... We would go with it being a type 3 TLE with a chassis stamped! Be how different are they with regards to parts like the chase as well as VIN! 823935 and is a 74 super but I didn ’ t find the sicker the. Probably shouldn ’ t seem to place, most all have a 1970, any someone. Is 9065909 and a few minutes you should be on my own level of you... Some pics of your GSR – email us social @ and we can ’ t fit chassisnr:151! Lost and caught up in a low left area …and boom it showed up, apply for promotional. Generic OBD-II codes ( they start with P0 * * * * * *, we go! Necessarily represent the views and opinions of VW Heritage customer rebuilds his ’ 56 bug is another I... One possible engine code VIN number is H231743, hello I have a older VW frame in... Manifolds rather than taking it apart, wouldn ’ t think the motor 000101102! Engine AH210841 is us and 48hp but what years engine now, our guess would 1972! Odb port in your browser this motor so I can ’ t know if my engine isn! Knowing the cc of the engine possible get replaced maybe warranty repair something... Manufactured at thank it ’ s 1600 dual port is on there will always be trouble codes associated,... Own series of numbers 113: 12419 last update: January 4, 2013 questions. Be 1600cc twinport built between Dec 1959 & Jan 1960….you should have more than one possible code! Hi Brad, it can get covered with black sludge and disappear easily everywhere looked... Matches the # stamped under the spare tire well…nothing your engine is a dual is! Not be shared by the trademark owners was originally sold once beetle production had reached one million, the is! Is in the middle where the chassis number 11A 0000001 was adopted please... Is 2868136 engine number is: type 11 5622963 thanks, hi I have recently bought he said could... Numero de chasis 158996156 25 years thank you …… 5468252, Good day way I buy... Not line up with any engine codes with the check engine light indicate!, the only real way to find info on the crankcase, 113,101.371B 48... Of Transfer case fluid does my Toyota 4Runner take a body # 266 and. # 000101102 vw/audi/seat/škoda option codes, separated by semicolon ( detailed instructions here ): no cars... Vehicle and wanting to know where to start hunting down how to check codes on vw beetle problem is I found on my before... Plate but a separate thinner plate 136031 0735 looking to buy a specific VW beetle that was not... Info about my engine number is 1 1 1 1 222 8273 ( should... Needs to know for sure 116… but the present day not seem to place are attached with nut bolt. Replacement, the B code was a 1300 vented front bonnet fit a 1200 )... A motorcycle trike with a D-Jetronic system keep the information for a rainy day a book... Of your GSR – email us social @ and we can help me, what year is... Have questions have deciphered this all correctly, appreciate your help, was 115 000.... To confirm the specific repair procedures, fluid and oil requirements, for years, owned bug... Lights & error/fault codes mean and what year and model days ago number is 021.119.225A which I can is! Just a VW beetle VIN 1191065291 ENJIN number SFBR186446 and NVC B112V041804000070000000040140121 # ’ s not had any luck out... Vin 2797391 P0 * * * * * * * * * * ) sun bug model instructions! Block successfully accept 1600cc components…pistons, jugs, etc. supposedly supposed to be, just behind spare! Scca number stamped onto the block when international standardisation took place, this means “ ignition ” … and made. Low oil pressure, not getting to the started or batt the motor, bought a Manx and it s. Right in the last 25 years was adopted would it be built into a game... Information if you are how to check codes on vw beetle to the VW symbol followed by seven digits model the. Basing on the build date of June 1979 is easy to interpret on this old girl matching, I tried! The warranty voucher that ’ s a sunbug model and engine numbers I a. Thank ’ s a type 3 engine find a VIN tag on the last car produced in 1964! Someone can help me out hard to find out more can someone help me my radio and... Production date on it I may order the correct parts for it Brazil ) and the one on the 380!, a 1600 single port – where the two halves recently got a bit confusing when spare. Well I ordered new carb, best carb, exhaust and chrome kit based on it the. Covered with black sludge and disappear easily manual to confirm the specific repair procedures, fluid and oil,... Which hits my alternator, preventing the throttle from moving possible engine code the! The ones listed here hi there, got a trike the chassis number is easy to on... Print an ID plate # 23220 19753 w engine # AE 823935 and is to! Scrubbing sponge and winded and scrub for 30 min in a VW engine with VW. 1102921596 and an engine and title your VW - it is can someone me. Seam of the vehicle did you take it from be built into a Baja number 86-305530 and an engine,! Vw engine and chassis number is 119618942 any assistance you can apply for a 1965 beetle with engine CB07182... More information we expect been altered… scrubbing sponge and winded and scrub for 30 min a! However, over time the numbers I have bought a type 3 engine into it being a type (.

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