scary quiznos commercial

scary quiznos commercial

One guy unwraps a delicious-looking Triple Whopper, then gets up to get a drink. I honestly stop eating there for a while because it gave Quizno's a bad look. Indeed. The new Quiznos commercial shows a Subway Sub next to a Quiznos Sub....and everyone agrees the Quiznos Sub is much better. Library. It’s true that some labels (but not all) are meant to reflect when the manufacturer thinks the product won’t be at its peak anymore, but not necessarily when it will be unsafe for human consumption. The modern Ronald McDonald is scary enough, some random guy in a clown costume on TV, or a plastic man sitting on a bench waiting for you to sit on his lap. What is clear, however, is that there was probably not a lot of consent involved in this sleeping arrangement. They have delicious meal options for $5, $4 and $3. Progressive Insurance "Rate Suckers" TV Commercial and Meryl Hathaway Screenshot for the ad. 2010 GOOGLE – Parisian Love. If we wanted the highest-quality beef, we probably wouldn't head to a fast food joint anyway. They are tasty, they are crunchy, they are warm because they toast them. Available for delivery and pick up at participating Quiznos. I can't even find the words.. just watch it. Tom and I kept sending each other the message - I want some Quiznos - this is from a commercial we have back home - it has become a "thing" for us, this commercial - and speaking of hard to describe - if you haven't seen it you just wouldn't get it - suffice to say it is a commercial for a sandwich joint that stars some rats in hats with scary teeth and pasted on eyes. If you’ve ever seen this happen successfully, please send us a tip. The whole thing is a strange way to make a cheesesteak melt seem like it makes sense on the Jack in the Box menu. Watch the commercial, share it with friends, then discover more great Quiznos TV commercials on Editor. If you really want to absolutely melt your brain, watch this ten-minute-long compilation of every fast food commercial episode of The Pizza Head Show, which follows Pizza Head, a piece of Pizza Hut pizza, on a series of terrifying misadventures. ... Classic E*Trade Superbowl commercial following the dotcom bust. Quiznos' Spongmonkeys. Motorola Moto X “Lazy Phone” TV Commercial with Ch... VW Volkswagon Passat "Lunch" TV Commercial with An... Knott's (Berry) Scary Farm Halloween 2013 TV Comme... Chevron 76 "Stop Honkaholism" TV Commercial with T... mercedes benz CLA "Sell your soul" TV Commercial w... IKEA “Welcome Home” TV Commercial with Phil McGlaston Join Date: Jul 2005. House Icons Illustrastions Kids Light Logo Love Medical Money Music Nature New Year. In November 2019, Eater reported that the local ice cream chain was closing down but not before reminding us of the supremely bizarre television commercial that gave Little Baby's brand recognition beyond its regional reach. Anyone seen this? This incredibly strange Korean fast food commercial for Burger King's Triple Whopper sandwich follows the saga of two office workers and one giant sandwich. They're not unreal, but I think they're pretty good. Check out the original TV commercial above where we … Here we can take pleasure in reminiscing about the good ol' days... times we shared with loved ones, both humorous and sad. And that's what real women need!" Quiznos, a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in selling submarine sandwiches, has aired a controversial television commercial, with an extended version only appearing in … OK, it is better....but is it 1300 calories better? If you frequented the strange, dark corners of the early internet, then you're probably already familiar with Spongemonkeys, the clumsily-animated creations of Joel Veitch, who runs the website Rather Good. Scary (9) Adventurous (119) Mysterious (39) Unique (57) Controversial (5) Weird (21) Gross (7) Shocking (8) Alluring (111) Sexy (16) Seductive (28) Flirty (29) Informative (27) Boring (85) Brands\Products . or make their own rap songs. It's an effective marketing ploy for some adults, but it's also the kind of thing that will ensure small children don't sleep for weeks and develop a lifelong fear of both clowns and, perhaps, Burger King. Quiznos . - I know. Funniest Banned Commercials Funny Scary COMMERCIALS Compilation 2015. Ok, not scary as in I am going to wet my pants scary but scary as in someone too the time to actually make it. Ostensibly, the creative minds at Burger King were trying to draw some comparison between a snake's animal instinct to unhinge its jaw to swallow its prey whole and the feeling one gets when looking at an unreasonable amount of ground beef. It aired in Chicago when I saw it. The Burger King is filled with more scary clowns demanding their free Whoppers. 2018 AMAZON – Alexa Loses Her Voice. Advertiser Profiles . Videos made private or have been deleted are listed too. Now that’s Mmmmm...TOASTY! Moon Song. I gather that you seek an explanation. 2002: This is where the ads really start to get scary. Advertiser . One of the Spongemonkeys sits upon the moon itself, wearing a jaunty bowler hat, while the other strums an acoustic guitar in a pirate hat. The modern Ronald McDonald is scary enough, some random guy in a clown costume on TV, or a plastic man sitting on a bench waiting for you to sit on his lap. A Trivia section is optional, and is added if there are any other fun facts about the commercial or company (research on the company or commercial to find some interesting things about it) that are interesting to know. (TV static transition to: Popsicle commercial) NC (vo): Quiznos' Spongemonkeys too normal for you? The brand is also still grappling with the fact that it’s owned by JAB Holding Company, which was founded by someone who was an, Food writer Molly O’Neill passed away at age 66. Freddie Freaker (sometimes known as Freddy Freaker) was a character created in 1987 by L.A. Toys. By Josh Sanburn Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011. I’ve thought about posting it to Youtube but never bothered to. It leaves you wondering why anyone would want to eat any ice cream after watching this fast food commercial, let alone the ice cream that guy was eating. Do any assortment of these drugs. He then takes another hamburger from the "magic tray" that is attached to the waistband of his pants, toward which he points a number of times. It raises a lot of questions like, why is he so good at slithering? Jack in the Box, like Burger King, makes some extremely creepy fast food commercials. In every episode, the innocent, unassuming Pizza Head is put into scenarios in which Steve, an anthropomorphic pizza cutter, tries with varying levels of success to maim him. “And she had no prejudice about whether this kind of food was better than that kind of food.” [, Hot take: the Veggie Delite is the only good Subway sandwich. We are still bringing Toasty to the masses as we have since 1981. Ronald McDonald is pretty creepy in any iteration, and his first-ever television fast food commercial appearance in 1963 is no exception. If you're not from Pennsylvania, then it's possible that you might not have heard of Little Baby's Ice Cream. It doesn't land. Burger King makes some of the creepiest fast food commercials around, and this creepy clowns commercial advertising a Halloween promotion that offered a free Whopper to anyone who came into the restaurant dressed up like a clown is downright terrifying. Burger King is really good at making weird, creepy commercials, which is why its television spots occupy four of the places on our list of the creepiest fast food commercials of all time. Galleries are optional as well, and are only really needed if there are a bunch of pictures worth taking in the ad. Of course not! Log in. The one for the Quiznos prime rib sandwich. Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 : Tweet Thread Tools #1 Old 07-18-2005, 07:30 PM. Landed on my head. These ran from the late '90s to the early 2000's. Jack I. It starts off with an oven telling the sandwich maker to "do something for him", the guy in turn reminds him that "I just rubbed you down with a cloth" to which the oven says "You know we both enjoyed that". 2013 ETRADE – Save It. Report. Colonel Sanders is a creepy-enough fast food character in any scenario, but put him in this horrifying 1967 commercial, and you get a very unnerving minute of television. Show more ... TV Commercial “Cleaner of your Dreams” Editor. He looks around but gets on his bike and rides off into the dark. As of August 11, 2020, there are 1,463 videos listed. At the end of the commercial, after he ominously says, "I'm back, America," we see him surrounded by a band of children clad in Colonel Sanders-lookalike outfits, all playing the banjo. Creepy! In an annoyingly, high pitched voice, the gremlin wanna-be screeches "We love the subs! 7 réponses. Funny Super Bowl Ads list in a historical archive of the best & worst ads where you can watch videos of every funny commercial aired during the Super Bowl. Everything about this is terrifying, from the squishing sound of the pile of "donor pepperonis" to the gallery of pizza cutter medical students watching the pepperoni transplant procedure take place. Whether it's an old commercial or a book from your past, it belongs in /r/nostalgia. Then the "give a little nibble" jingle plays throughout the entire 30-second spot, while all manner of people — including a guy wearing a full suit and using his umbrella as a parachute — float in and out of some kind of all-white, anti-gravity environment, pulling tiny chunks of beef off of a giant Wendy's cheeseburger. Meryl Hathaway as driver of the car. (He holds up a remote control and pushes a button. There are many creepy things about this moon-shaped man, but one of the creepiest? When the viewer arrives on the scene, they've tied him to a chair and are forcing him to take a lie detector test while he rattles off a list of ingredients for his famous fried chicken. All Super Bowl Ads; 2020 Ads in Order ; 2020 Advertisers . columnist Bob Garfield gave the commercials 3.5 stars out of 4 and said the "animated dead … He then proceeds to eat ice cream, wide-eyed and terrifying, directly off of the top of his head. The star is a half human, half motorcycle called a "motaur" similar to a centaur. Because nothing says delicious sandwiches like scary singing sponge monkeys. They're kind of disturbing in how weird they are. I slipped as I got in the shower. Browse more videos. (We don't know what that means either.) Réponse préférée. But the very first Ronald was born in 1963. Don't watch this commercial before bed if you don't want to have scary clown nightmares because it truly is that unsettling. Menu Prices Will Go Up With a Higher Minimum Wage. The Denver-bred Quiznos chain is an odd duck. Quiznos introduces the new Choose 2 Menu with a talking toaster and a hungry dude. I always wondered what you’d hear when you called as well. If you were the right age at the turn of the Willennium, you probably remember staying up late on your Tandy computer, going to, and watching the Spongmonkeys hit “We Like The Moon.” Convinced you were the only one in the world who appreciated this janky, weird animation and humor, incensed you were—incensed!—when the stretched out gerbils in hats or whatever they were made an appearance in a damn Quiznos commercial in 2003. The concept of the "Herb the Nerd" campaign is pretty straightforward: Herb is a nerdy, rich guy who wants to gain the attention of the hot women who hang out at Burger King. Joahaeyo 1 . There's also this strange jaunt through a McDonald's-themed amusement park. The Quiznos Sponge Monkeys . It's weird, and there's not a lot of logic to the whole shtick. But You’ve Been Underpaying for Years. Maybe it’s not the worst marketing fail ever, but we do think it’s one of the creepiest. "This is what Quiznos was looking for," Lange said. 0 Replies . No, thanks. Quiznos introduces the new Choose 2 Menu with a talking toaster and a hungry dude. While he's admittedly not nearly as creepy as the other mascots on this list, a man with a Ping-Pong ball for a head does leave something to be desired. Quiznos views the buzz -- good and bad -- as proof that the spongmonkey ad campaign is a success. The first commercial is done in a very quiet and creepy manner as "The Caretaker" is shown picking out which tool he will use to dissect his victim alive with, via "eenie meenie minie moe". Many of you sound disturbed—as though your lives will be placed on hold until you've come to terms with these haunting creatures." He appeared in commercials typically seen on MTV advertising his hotline "1-900-490-FREAK" which was geared towards older kids and teens. Feb 20, 2004 #7 Those things are too funny! Just expected some more sensible reasoning on why they would cut out the item that both males and females all over the country get aroused to eat. At the end, this Asian lady is on screen with the sandwich, and she goes "It's not lackin' any meat. Reactions: Email This BlogThis! That gave me a good laugh. newsletter, The initial quarantine of 2020 created a baking boom that shattered the flour supply chain, but King Arthur Flour came back from it even stronger. This very creepy ad campaign was rolled out in an effort to advertise Burger King's evolving breakfast offerings, in particular, the Double Croissandwich breakfast sandwich. Here is the ad: Posted by For_What_It's_Worth at 4:20 AM. Playing next. At this point, the main character immediately turns into a very creepy half-snake, half-person with the singular goal of inhaling the massive burger in a single gulp, without chewing — like a snake! It screams "art students got their first big contract" and features a human who is either made entirely out of or entirely covered in what appears to be vanilla ice cream. Whether it's an old commercial or a book from your past, it belongs in /r/nostalgia. Does it look like the scary maze game face? McDonald's rolled out this very creepy computer-generated fast food mascot with a crescent moon-shaped head in the 1980s. Lo-fi early Ronald is unquestionably the weirdest version of the character and one that no modern parent would let anywhere near their children. the dancing commercial is creepy. That nearly gave me a heart attack ... 0 0. warmington. But, in fact, they're called spongmonkeys. About 28 seconds in, we encounter our first scary clown, a Ronald McDonald lookalike riding on a tiny, squeaky tricycle. You can get a free Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell today. It's not as shocking as the Maze Game one. Creepy Quizno's commercials. Joined Sep 2, 2003 Messages 6,590 Reaction score 1. Posted on April 07, 2014. The commercial opens with a scene in which two workers are sitting alone at separate tables, one behind the other. This is one of the rare times that a Christmas commercial could be considered scary. While its toasted sandwiches are now sold coast to coast, it's courted controversy because of its franchise practices. (Then the NC appears, blocking the logo, wearing his "I [Donut] Donuts" t-shirt) NC: Do it! If you know anyone that thinks the current Ronald is scary, just point them towards this commercial! We took a deep dive into YouTube's fast food commercial archives and dug up some of the absolute creepiest fast food commercials of all time. It didn’t smell bad. The Colonel Sanders Resurrected spot aims to answer the question, "What happened to that terrifying guy whose face is on the KFC packaging?" RoxtarRyan. The commercial, which was made to promote the opening of the chain's Fishtown location way back in 2012, and Eater Philly's Collin Flatt immediately dubbed it "the scariest commercial ever." Plus, Taco Bell is giving out free tacos today, and more news to start your day. There are still a couple near me but they're a bit of a haul. Did they have a one-night stand, or did the king just creep into the bed unbeknownst to the bed's owner in the middle of the night? This strange, yet hilarious Quiznos commercial features the work of British animator Joel Veitch, known for his unique style. I’m guessing late night. She's done some tv and you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. The sandwich brand was apparently seeking to make a “dramatic” statement with its small advertising budget; the spongmonkeys Quiznos commercials became part of a Quiznos ad campaign that hit TV screens all around the United States during the 2004 Super Bowl. Follow. She was an integral part of the modern food writing movement. Our hero rides fast in the opposite direction, but naturally, terrifying clowns keep appearing out of nowhere. If you were alive and awake that year, you definitely remember this: Some hailed the singing Spongmonkeys (I didn't make that up; that's honestly what the floating tooth monsters were called) as trend-setters for future surreal ad campaigns. Thanks, Raptors! 'Cuz they are good to us. (The Channel Awesome logo is shown, but suddenly, Shia LaBeouf appears in the logo, while the words "DO IT" appear below) Shia LaBeouf: Do it! NC: Press "play" on your controller. People were so creeped out by the commercial when it first came out that Slate's Seth Stevenson actually had to write an entire explanation on the commercial, saying, "Never have I gotten so much mail on a single ad. That's due in large part to the fact that many of the brand's television spots star an uncanny horror show of a character, a giant Jack in the Box bobblehead superimposed over an otherwise normal human body that walks and talks and does things otherwise normal humans do. They've got too many "stations." As is the case with many modern Burger King commercials, our journey begins with an unsuspecting Normal Guy who is just trying to leave his house when he finds a creepy honking bike horn on his front step. If cargo pants have too many pockets, this commercial is an example of too many colonels. Note that the "???" Cards Cars Cartoon Christmas Clip Arts Cloud Construction Crown Cute Design Dogs Drawings. 0 Views. They gave the eys and mouth to a cat on that site, now that's scary. This 1980s commercial was originally created to help sell those horrible chocolate eggs filled with a “surprise” item inside. [, A man ate expired food for a year and concluded the system is bogus. The opening shot is of a giant hand taking a little bit of beef from a giant burger. He appears surrounded by strange dolls and stuffed animals, and after rudely gesturing towards a disembodied hand that takes away his hamburger, says that he knows he will be friends with the kids because he "likes to do everything boys and girls like to do." The Quiznos subs. Quiznos is the perfect answer to your lunchtime Qraving! If I dig up the tape, I’d probably be able to figure out what time of day it aired. Répondre Enregistrer. 2012 NFL – Timeline. Such a sin because they're food was good. Twitter user @sullivem tweeted "millennials don’t own homes because this quiznos commercial put a hex on us as children," and the mini horror … The Philly cousins get kind of rowdy, but ultimately, they're impressed with Jack's sourdough skills. Why is this the first thing that comes to mind when he decides to steal his colleague's lunch? Outline Paper People … They got a pepper bar!" Makes you want to run right out and buy some official 2012 Olympic merchandise featuring these cats plastered all over it. Fast food commercials are notorious for using bizarre tactics to build their brand awareness and sell everything from burgers and tacos to limited-edition dipping sauces to the masses. 0 Views. This is a creepy commercial that cannot be unseen. Joined Nov 11, 2003 Messages 237 Reaction score 0. I like the actual subs from Quiznos. Quiznos Sandwich Menu has a variety of signature sandwiches, flatbread sandwiches, deli sandwiches, cheese steaks, and sub sandwiches. I mean, they are deformed and creepy looking. “She celebrated all kinds of cooks and articulated very clearly that cooking is what brings us together,” said Ruth Reichl. 2003 QUIZNOS – Chef Jimmy. This creative license can sometimes lead to commercials that go beyond the realm of the bizarre and turn into anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds of downright creepy content. If you insist on seeing the commercial (and we recommend that you don’t), you can see the video on You Tube. Quiznos TV Commercial, 'Qrave' Ad ID: 1000418 15s ( Online-Only ) SHOW MORE. Rinse it off, good to go.” [, Krispy Kreme is introducing a stuffed version of their classic glazed donut, and are giving them away for free on June 22. SingleThread has been hailed as the pinnacle of farm-to-table dining. The 2012 London Olympic Mascots "Wenlock and Mandeville" What "unique" mascots huh? And with great urgency. Uh-huh. Follow. 'Cuz they are good to us. 8 years ago | 552 views. The narrator tells us that we should be taking little nibbles of all kinds of hamburgers so that we can eventually realize the superiority of Wendy's and come to love it all the more. But what happens when the farm is under assault by climate change? 2005 QUIZNOS – Bobby 2005 BUD LIGHT – Sharon 2005 VOLVO – Boldly Go 2005 MCDONALD’S – Lincoln Fry (Pt2) 2005 VISA CHECK CARD – Icons Dinner 2005 VERIZON – VCast Miniaturization 2005 FORD – Roadhouse 2005 FORD – Mustang Green Light 2005 OLYMPUS – m:robe Poppin’ 2005 DIET PEPSI – Pdiddy 2005 PIZZA HUT – Muppets The videos below span the full spectrum from uncomfortable to terrifying to "why would any advertiser ever think this is a good idea?". QIP Holder, LLC, doing business as Quiznos, is an American franchised fast-food restaurant brand based in Denver, Colorado, that specializes in offering toasted submarine sandwiches.It was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambatos and sold to Rick and Richard Schaden ten years later, before growing to nearly 5,000 restaurants afterwards. The character was modeled after singer Bobby Darin, and eventually, the chain was sued by his heirs for co-opting his performance style. 0 Views. 0 Views. Editor. Available for delivery and pick up at participating Quiznos. 5PM: Woman would-be robber shot by Quiznos employee, police say . Anyway, two days ago Twitter user @sullivem tweeted “millennials don’t own homes because this quiznos commercial put a hex on us as children,” and it went viral, and now everyone is remembering what a weird thing it used to be for a fast food chain to put a proto-meme in its ads. So I just watched the newest Quiznos commercial a few minutes ago. 0 Likes . The infamous Quiznos ads featuring the Spongmonkeys, tarsiers with bulging eyes and human mouths, singing about how they love their subs. [Twitter], The freshest news from the food world every day, Fairness has the potential to be a fundamental part of a restaurant’s business plan, Dear God, Twitter Resurrected the Quiznos Monsters That Haunted the 2000s, Sign up for the 0 Views. Wow…branding genius. This archived news story is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. The colonel's laugh is absolutely the scariest part of this fast food commercial, as it sounds like it is coming from beyond the grave. In … What the commercial fails to mention is that the Quiznos Sub contains 5 times as many calories! Has he done this before? C. Cernunos. forever." The "Mac Tonight" ad campaign in which he starred was spurred by an advertising exec's love of "Mack the Knife," so they wrote a parody called "Mac Tonight" that encouraged viewers to romanticize having cool, late-night hangouts at McDonald's. VeggieBoards > Vegetarian Forums > Vegetarian Support Forum > Quiznos Commercial Heard On Radio Forum Jump: Reply. The commercial opens with a scene in which two workers are sitting alone at separate tables, one behind the other. The plot of the spot: A small “sponge monkey” wearing some kind of helmet, floats across the screen as he sings a catchy song about Quiznos subs while another flying creature strums on an acoustic guitar. The Cursed Commercials playlist by AdCentral in it's entirety, in order. What I don't like, is it takes those people forever. In the opening shot, a nice, normal-looking guy is sleeping in his bed. But the very first Ronald was born in 1963. Quiznos offers one of a kind taste at an affordable price, which allows you to get what you crave without spending too much. Uncanny Valley doesn't even begin to describe it. Watch, interact and learn more about the songs, characters, and celebrities that appear in your favorite Quiznos TV Commercials. Check out yet another chilling Quiznos commercial featuring hell’s army of kittens in Marie Antoinette garb counting down to Danielle Staub‘s the Anti-Christ’s second coming on Earth. The Quiznos subs. "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus." Whenever a customer comes in, the Quiznos employee becomes an exact replica of that individual and creates their sandwich with their choice of meat, cheese and vegetables. Upon uttering the last "moe", he picks up the chosen weapon, which looks like a dreadful combination of a surgical clamp and a pair of garden shears. 2006 CAREERBUILDER – Jackasses. Editor. Gave me the feeling that they had those things laying around while they are making my sandwitch! 11 years ago | 111 views. Posts: 487 I was listening to Joe FM and I heard this commercial about Quiznos it went something like this Don Cherry: Calling someone a chicken in … Subway's 6 inch Sub is about 550 calories and the small Quiznos Sub is about 1850 calories. Notably, the Colonel has a statue of himself on the desk and is sitting in front of a portrait of, yep, himself. Quiznos provides food delivery and food catering services in Hawthorne, CA. Quiznos – Shut Up. Angry & Scary Animal Animated Arrow Baby Background Banner Basketball Birthday Blank Book Border. Watch fullscreen . Scary clowns? Instead, we get something super creepy and uncomfortable. This is not a commercial that could be made in 2020. listed are for adverts that don't have a clear explanation on what they are for. Quiznos’ singing rodent The spot: A small, furry creature, wearing a bowler hat, levitates as he sings an ode to Quiznos subs. Scary Car Commercial. Our hero looks to the king for some kind of explanation as to why they're in bed together, but he is met with only silence and a breakfast sandwich. He has a soft drink cup for a nose, an ill-fitting clown suit, and serial killer-style makeup, all topped off with an old-school McDonald's tray for a hat. J. Il y a 1 décennie. or "Beware of papercuts!" “I mean, I ate heavy cream I think 10 weeks past date,” said intrepid taster Scott Nash, “and then meat sometimes a good month past its date. He doesn't break, however, and proceeds to make the lie detector go absolutely haywire by claiming that the recipe includes obviously fake ingredients like "four ounces of grandfather's overcoat.". 10:22. However, there are no answers, only unsettling allusions. Maybe you should try the Good Humor Popsicle commercials. Here's a scary but hilarious Burger King Double Croissan'Wich commercial from 2004. NC (vo): And enjoy your new reality. (melbs, bourke and king st). Recently, for reasons that remain unclear, that weird Quizno's Subs commercial from 2004 started trending on Twitter. When you watch the "Scary Car Commercial prank on youtube, how does the scary face look like at the end of the video? Little Baby's sold unusual ice cream flavors, so it isn't surprising that its signature commercial was similarly odd. The colonel himself seems to have missed a fair amount of history, expressing shock at the existence of things like the International Space Station and cargo pants. The Quizno's fast food commercial is an obvious spin-off called "We Love the Subs" set to the tune of "We Like The Moon." "He thought he was a big jock," a man who went to high school with him said today. It's more clever than some other uncomfortable fast food commercials, but it's still quite unnerving. 0% 0 Views. cant say i've ever heard of Quiznos, but i just checked the white pages, and apparently there's meant to be one in the building i'm working in atm!! The commercial was not just annoying, it was downright scary—and it didn’t make us want to eat at Quiznos. TJ-Tigger "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof was to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." We can only assume that the creatives behind this campaign were trying to find a way to make women want to spend more time at their local Burger King location in the hopes that they'll be blessed with Herb's presence, at which point they can all fawn over him and hope they get lucky. Unfortunately Quiznos was much better at selling franchises than selling hoagies and they went bankrupt. In an annoyingly, high pitched voice, the gremlin wanna-be screeches "We love the subs! When Pizza Head says that "Chef Steve" isn't really a chef or "Umpire Steve" isn't really an umpire, our friend the narrator responds with a sinister, "Sure he is!". The ad introduces the phrase "wake up with the King," and the … Veggie Regular . The Spongemonkeys originally gained a cult following after appearing in a song called "We Like the Moon," where they talk about, yes, their love for the moon.

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