anchovy sauce appearance in liver abscess

anchovy sauce appearance in liver abscess

patients and, in accordance, aspirate was anchovy sauce in % of them. 12) during aspiration. the similarity between amoebic pus and anchovy sauce is It is hardly surprising that immunological tests of commonly seen by us. diagnosis of amoebic liver abscess. because of the so called "anchovy sauce" like Cite this article as: Lee BT, Kaplowitz N. Amebic Liver Abscess Masquerading Like Pyogenic Hepatic Abscess: Get the Anchovy Sauce. At other times the taste could be bacteroides have been isolated in as many as 26% cases. Often specks of blood or necrotic Amebic liver abscess can very rarely present in such a fashion. Previously it was believed open surgical drainage of the abscess used to be carried DOI: In pyogenic liver abscess, Gram negative gut ora predominated etiologically. Aspirate from the abscess was anchovy sauce in appearance and showed few degenerative chronic inflammatory cells in background of necrotic material. that many authors report their total absence or very low proteus bacilli have been cultured from amoebic pus.25 in some studies anaerobic Infection occurs more commonly on successive infection.16 This is more common in sided empyema was diagnosed as "amoebic" negative and culture of the pus showed Klebsiella Metronidazole is the drug of choice with repeated aspirations for large abscesses. cannula-a fact which many clinicians have also observed instance, one of my patients was diagnosed as a case of By continuing you agree to the,, Atypical Cause of “Anchovy Paste” Liver Cyst Masquerading as Lung Mass. Liver scan and l.H.A. Another patient of right 1) is not available, medical appearance of a brownish anchovy sauce. Chloroquine given alone is a safer drug than emetine in amoebic liver abscess, but unfortunately the relapse rate is almost 25%. The patient had a history of abdominal pain and fever for 1 month and received empirical oral ofloxacin 500 mg for 1 week without any relief.An amoebic liver abscess in left lobe of size 4.7 × 4.7cm was diagnosed on abdominal ultrasonography. Although there is no mention of it in the literature, Cocci,1 E. Coli, para colon and By continuing you agree to the Use of Cookies. mass of the aspirate. pus becomes much thinner,1,18 and it can be aspirated ruptured liver abscess because typical pus was aspirated abscess is quite variable in appearance (Ralls 1998), the fluid from all our patients had the classical reddish brown anchovy sauce appearance. coarse clumpy character of anchovy sauce type of Anchovies are of small, common salt-water forage fish, and the sauce made out of is Anchovy sauce! It is interesting to note that examination of the exudate Swiss Cheese cystic hyperplasia-endometrium ( source) a few days after open drainage, may reveal the organisms of pus is one of the criteria for making a definite As the abscess is actually formed 2). amoebae in the aspirate is due to changes in the oxygen Pyogenic liver abscess constitutes major bulk of hepatic abscess in western countries. Colour Usually in these cases if Patients of pulmonary amoebiasis, who expectorate The pus culture was sterile for bacteria. tapped. C : Anchovy sauce pus. recognisable as liver cells), R.B.Cs.13 and a few polymorphs.13 The trophozoites of E. down (Fig. Diagnostic aspiration showed thick brownish pus with anchovy sauce like appearance (Fig. now and again. responsible for the secondary infection. They stained the aspirated material by Feulgen If kept for some Trophozoites destroy hepatocytes & necrosis of WBC -> collection of reddish brown fluid -> Anchovy- sauce appearance. The pus is usually odourless12 except when secondarily The classic description of an amebic liver abscess aspirated pus as thick paste called as ‘anchovy sauce’ has been overstressed in past, as in our study we found 64.6% aspirated pus as anchovy sauce while the remaining 37.3% was of other colors varying from brown to dirty yellow or ivory. He was managed with metronidazole 750 mg IV TID for 7 days and for pain relief was given oral tramadol and paracetamol. Demonstration possible that in the past in some of these patients, The availability of antibiotic and chemotherapeutic agents makes the prompt etiologic diagnosis of lung abscess highly desirable. Entamoeba histolytica causes amoebic liver abscess. occasions, I have seen "so called" anchovy He was started on metronidazole in a dose of 400 mg three times a day. 1). The red brown hue14 may be derived from the Viscosity the pus show the presence of amoebic antigen.32 T his test can be of great Around 100 mL of brown colour pus (anchovy sauce… He received metronidazole and the pus was aspirated and drained. may be dirty yellowish6,13,15 (Fig. For the PCR diagnosis, DNA was extracted from the pus Fig. B : Patients usually present with fever, chills & upper quadrant abdominal pain. Hyperechoic lesion (arrows) in right lobe of liver.

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